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We hope this section will answer any questions you may have about this site.

  Anti-Theft Codes
How do I get an Anti-Theft Code for a radio?
Go to the Anti-Theft Code menu option above and enter a valid serial number.
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How do I find out what my out-of-warranty charges will be?
Contact your MPC with all invoicing/billing questions.
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Who do I pay out-of-warranty charges to?
Your MPC/Distributor should send you a bill for your out-of-warranty charges.
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Why is Flight Systems different from the other Service Centers?
Flight Systems will invoice for both IN warranty and OUT of warranty exchange repairs. Flight Systems must invoice for in-warranty due to their purchasing of parts from OE suppliers. Unlike other service centers who are paid for the repair of OE warranty product by the OE supplier.
When the Flight Systems repair/exchange order is for IN warranty product, there is no shipping charge involved. Shipping charges will only appear on Flight Systems orders for out of warranty repair/exchange. The dealer/distributor is to file a warranty claim, for IN warranty repair/exchange of Flight System parts, as they have done in the past, to recoup warranty part cost.
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  Core Returns
How do I get the stuck discs out of the cd player before I send in the core?
DO NOT try and take out discs, they will be returned to dealer when core is received.
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The Shipping carrier will not pick up my core return.
Please use the 'Trouble Tickets' section above to resolve this issue.
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How do I return my defective core?
Always return your defective core in the same package that the exchange core arrived in. The service center should also have provided you with a return label to facilitate your core return.
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Where do I return the defective core?
Your advance exchange should come with a pre-paid label with the service center return address already on it.
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What if I don't have a core to return?
If you do not have a core to return, you should place your order through your regular Parts Logistics Ordering System, not through DC-ERES. Or, if you still want to order the unit you will be charged for the service cost as well as the core replacement charge.
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Who do I call if I have a problem with UPS?
Click here for UPS Worldwide Customer Service Hotline Numbers.
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Where can I get just a knob for my radio?
Knobs can now be ordered through your normal ordering process. Click on HELP tab to obtain a list of available knobs for radios.
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I've forgotten my password and/or username.
Return to the Home screen, then enter your e-mail address into the Forgot Your Password box. Your password and username will be e-mailed to you immediately.
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What should dealer do if vehicle was built with wrong radio?
If vehicle was built with the wrong radio from production facility, this is considered a Chrysler plant "mis-build". Dealer should order the correct, new radio from their facing depot. Dealer must then file a Warranty Claim using LOP code 08600270 SE (Shortage and Error). The radio cannot be exchanged through ERES, as it will not qualify as a comparable exchange unit.
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I'm trying to order a part number I know is good, but it won't go through.
Click on Product Search and enter a full or partial number to search. Or, go to Process Orders Step 1 and enter the part number you wish to order along with the rest of the information required. If the system does not find your part number, it will proceed through a part confirmation process for your order.
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What is the Dealer Reference field?
Dealer Reference field can refer to your customer name, purchase order number, or any other piece of information about your order.
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How do I track my order?
By clicking an underlined tracking number anywhere you see one (on the Order Details screen or in any report that shows a tracking number), you can view shipment tracking through the shipping carrier website.
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What if my unit arrives damaged?
Please use the 'Trouble Tickets' section above to resolve this issue.
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  Technical Issues
Newer model Chrysler vehicles equipped with CAN and a Harman/Becker RB3 problems:
Click here for a complete description of the problem.
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How do I file a warranty claim?
A warranty claim for any ERES service exchange product should be filed immediately after repair is complete. In most cases, the warranty claim should not reference the ERES part number. The warranty claim is for labor and sublet only.
No part number is required. The only exception to the above is a Flight Systems part. Warranty claims for Flight Systems ERES service exchange parts should include the part number, along with the labor and sublet. Warranty claims must be filed through DealerConnect.
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I'm ordering a service exchange for a unit recently purchased as an upgrade or theft replacement and it is still under warranty. How do I make sure this is handled as warranty and not customer pay?
You will need to provide the Bill of Sale for the purchase; please contact your MPC for instructions.
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